Client Referral Program

All current and past clients can refer others and earn rewards!

3-Month Packages

Refer someone who pays for a 3-Month Personal Training or Paired Training package and you'll receive a credit of $100-$200 to your account.

6-Month Packages

Refer someone who pays for a 6-Month Personal Training or Paired Training package and you'll receive a credit of $200-$400 to your account.

12-Month Packages

Refer someone who pays for a 12-Month Personal Training or Paired Training package and you'll receive a credit of $400-$800 to your account.


Most frequent questions and answers

Refer someone who then signs up for a 3, 6, or 12 month Personal Training or Paired Training package and you’ll receive a credit to your account.

The more sessions your referral commits to, the bigger the reward you will receive!

Once your referral signs up for a training package and pays, you’ll receive a credit to your account within 10 days. The referral reward can then be used towards any PTK service or will be automatically applied to your next scheduled training payment.

How much of a referral bonus you’ll earn depends on the number of sessions per week within the package chosen. 

3-Month Packages:

  • 2x/week – $100
  • 3x/week – $150
  • 4x/week (or 2×1 hr) – $200

6-Month Packages:

  • 2x/week – $200
  • 3x/week – $300
  • 4x/week (2×1 hr) – $400

12-Month Packages:

  • 2x/week – $400
  • 3x/week – $600
  • 4x/week (2×1 hr) – $800

Anyone you know who may be interested in training with us can be referred to our Contact page where they can send us a message or sign up for a free consultation.

Client Reviews

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Update: It is coming up to a year now since I joined PTK and it is by far one of the best decisions I've ever made regarding my health. I've lost 70 pounds since joining (100 pounds in total) and I keep getting fabulous results. The weight loss has been at a steady rate and sustainable but just as important have been the improvements to mobility, energy levels, positivity, self-confidence, and strength. Trevor and his team are great to work with and work with you to come up with a realistic plan based on where you are at. When I first started I was extremely limited in what I could do and never felt judged for it. Now I'm doing stuff I never thought possible just months ago and am always looking forward to the next step on this journey. I am the best shape of my adult life by far and highly, highly recommend PTK to anyone who is thinking of making similar changes in their life.My experience with PTK has been exceptionally positive and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to make transformative fitness changes in their lives. By way of background, I am in my mid-forties and have been obese and out of shape for most of my adult life. In my twenties and thirties I managed to avoid many of the negative consequences of my poor choices but for the past few years I've experienced worsening joint point, reduced mobility, elevated blood sugars (pre-diabetic), low energy, irritability, and fewer and fewer activities I could participate in.I didn't want to maintain the status quo but my previous weight loss attempts were solo, unfocused, and inconsistent so I knew I had to try a different approach this time. A friend recommended PTK to me and I reached out to them. I met with Trevor at the studio for an hour and half (free) initial consultation and assessment to determine where I was at and to discuss my goals. I was immediately impressed that the proposed approach was tailored to me, data driven, and included not just a focus on weight training and weight loss but also on mobility, stability, flexibility, and nutrition.I signed up for the six-month plan and my experience has been great. All my sessions, but one, have been with Trevor (Sara was great too!) and he has been professional, friendly, attentive, and supportive. I've got exactly what I was hoping for - live feedback on my form so I'm maximizing the effectiveness of each exercise and avoiding injury (acute or repetitive strain), encouraging me to push to and past my perceived limits while not going overboard, practical and actionable nutritional advice, and building my knowledge base over time so I can do these things independently. I've made better than expected gains on the weight loss, strength gains, and just overall feel a lot more energetic and positive. Most importantly I feel like this approach is permanent and sustainable, not just a deprivation based weight loss spike down followed by gaining it all back a few months later. For all those reasons I highly recommended PTK if you are looking to make substantive, positive fitness changes in your life.
I trained with Sarah at PTK for 6 months and enjoyed everything about it. I chose PTK after researching their experience with seniors. It was important for me to work with someone who would take my age & abilities into consideration. I did not want to have to worry about injuries. Sarah was very approachable. She quickly became aware of my strengths and weaknesses. She pushed me to improve in a healthy way and we made progress. I was very happy with the results I walked away with after only 6 months. I would recommend PTK to anyone, any age, who are looking for expert training and accomplishment.
Amazing trainers who are knowledgible and get results! I have already lost ten pounds and I havent even been there for two months! The gym is beautiful and the owners have created a welcoming atmosphere! I highy recommend this buisness to anyone with fitness goals!
Choosing PTK to achieve my goals was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my family. I’ve been going to PTK for 11 months and within that time frame I increased my mobility, strength, and healthy habits while working with Terra. I reviewed a lot of places before feeling comfortable enough to inquire, but Terra was extremely knowledgeable in understanding my goals, how to get there, and teaching them. The environment and the other trainers always made me feel welcome and radiate positivity every time I’ve had my sessions there. They've been a blessing.
Going to this gym and working with their trainers was a great decision. I have never been a gym person, but I have been now for over a year! Everyone is friendly and there to cheer you on. The trainers have been very knowledgeable and supportive. I have trained with Trevor and Tara and both have helped me in different ways. They help you reach the results you want. My goals have shifted over my year+ working with them and they have not disappointed!
The owners at PTK are personable and professional! I felt totally supported getting started for the first time with 1:1 personal training. I worked with Sarah. Sarah explained all the workouts super well, and she was fun and kind to train with. My fitness journey had plateaued and strength training with her made a big difference towards meeting my goals! I would highly recommend working with Sarah and PTK!
I’ve been working out with Trevor at PTK for just over 6 months now. I see Trevor 4 times a week and have seen significant fat loss and muscle growth despite having a prior brain injury. Starting here has significantly changed my life both physically and mentally, Trevor and Terra are both very knowledgeable with working out and the dietary needs to achieve your goals. This is a very welcoming place for everyone, I was worried at first due to my injury I would not benefit much from coming here but Trevor very quickly changed my mind.I would highly recommend PTK to everyone looking to improve their health.
Excellent training. Successfully prepared for professional fitness testing on an aggressive timeline with great results. Highly recommend this agency.
Absolutely recommend this place for beginners or people who want to be healthier but have no idea where to start. Everyone is supper friendly and supportive. And I feel like I have a better grasp on how to take care of myself after being there. Thank PTK!
I came to PTK because of a great reference from a friend. I was looking for exercise that would get me in shape and keep me mobile after my retirement. My experience with PTK was awesome. Trevor's program was specifically for me and adaptable for my situation on that day. I was very aware of my progress as I saw changes in my day to day living. I was more agile and felt good. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer to go to Personal Training Kingston.