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Our Coaching System

Specially designed for busy professionals who want to improve their health and fitness without spending countless hours in the gym and kitchen. We focus on efficiency, support and habit changes while using scientifically proven methodologies.

Our Philosophies in Training

We focus on building confidence, strength, and enabling people to feel in control of their own life. We combine functional training with strength conditioning so that you remain mobile, pain free, and strong.

Strength & Nourishment


  • Sessions 2x/Week
  • $500
    per month + HST (training 3x/week)
  • • 8x 30-min personal training sessions
  • • Exclusive access to PTKingston Coaching App
  • • Body composition analysis
  • • Goal setting & mindset coaching
  • • Foundational nutrition targets
  • -
  • Sessions 4x/Week
  • $999
    per month + HST (training 3x/week)
  • • 16x 30-min personal training sessions/month
  • • Exclusive access to PTKingston Coaching App
  • • Body composition analysis
  • • Goal setting & mindset coaching
  • • Nutrition targets for calories & protein
  • Bonus #1: Peloton Bike Class Access - $897 value

Share your time by training with a partner and you'll both receive 25% off a personal training package!

1-Month Intro to PT

Dive into the world of personal training with an Introductory to Personal Training.

Try out our system of personal training before committing to a 3- or 6-month training package. One month of sessions training 3x per week will give you a great indication of what personal training is like and how having a trainer's guidance, support and accountability saves you time, fast tracking your results.

3-Month Package

A longer commitment is where achieving your short-term goals can inspire real change.

You will get great results with a trainer and see what you're truly capable of achieving with clearly defined goals and a customized plan. Your trainer will provide you with support, education and accountability in order to be successful. This package is ideal for those looking to increase strength 30-50% and generally start feeling healthier, energized and stronger.

6-Month Package

Training that's focused on your goals for 6 months or more can be absolutely transformational and create lasting healthy lifestyle habits.

You have big goals you want to accomplish and require ongoing motivation, support and accountability to hit your target. Your trainer will provide you with support, education and the accountability in order to be successful. This package is ideal for those looking to lose 25-50 LBS, increase strength 30-70% and begin to see drastic changes to your daily energy, mental stamina, confidence and overall strength.


I’ve been working out with Trevor at PTK for just over 6 months now. I see Trevor 4 times a week and have seen significant fat loss and muscle growth despite having a prior brain injury. Starting... here has significantly changed my life both physically and mentally, Trevor and Terra are both very knowledgeable with working out and the dietary needs to achieve your goals. This is a very welcoming place for everyone, I was worried at first due to my injury I would not benefit much from coming here but Trevor very quickly changed my mind.I would highly recommend PTK to everyone looking to improve their more
Conner Holliday
Conner Holliday
I've been working out at PTK for 5 months now, and it's one of the best decisions I've made for myself - specifically for my health. Trevor is an exceptional trainer; beyond the physical workouts,... he also specializes in nutrition. More than the physical results, I feel healthier, more active, and happier overall. PTK is an awesome place to work out!read more
Elmar Dionisio
Elmar Dionisio
My experience with PTK has been exceptionally positive and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to make transformative fitness changes in their lives. By way of background, I am in my... mid-forties and have been obese and out of shape for most of my adult life. In my twenties and thirties I managed to avoid many of the negative consequences of my poor choices but for the past few years I've experienced worsening joint point, reduced mobility, elevated blood sugars (pre-diabetic), low energy, irritability, and fewer and fewer activities I could participate in.I didn't want to maintain the status quo but my previous weight loss attempts were solo, unfocused, and inconsistent so I knew I had to try a different approach this time. A friend recommended PTK to me and I reached out to them. I met with Trevor at the studio for an hour and half (free) initial consultation and assessment to determine where I was at and to discuss my goals. I was immediately impressed that the proposed approach was tailored to me, data driven, and included not just a focus on weight training and weight loss but also on mobility, stability, flexibility, and nutrition.I signed up for the six-month plan and my experience has been great. All my sessions, but one, have been with Trevor (Sara was great too!) and he has been professional, friendly, attentive, and supportive. I've got exactly what I was hoping for - live feedback on my form so I'm maximizing the effectiveness of each exercise and avoiding injury (acute or repetitive strain), encouraging me to push to and past my perceived limits while not going overboard, practical and actionable nutritional advice, and building my knowledge base over time so I can do these things independently. I've made better than expected gains on the weight loss, strength gains, and just overall feel a lot more energetic and positive. Most importantly I feel like this approach is permanent and sustainable, not just a deprivation based weight loss spike down followed by gaining it all back a few months later. For all those reasons I highly recommended PTK if you are looking to make substantive, positive fitness changes in your more
Jeremy Woodman
Jeremy Woodman
Excellent training. Successfully prepared for professional fitness testing on an aggressive timeline with great results. Highly recommend this agency.
Callum 1
Callum 1
Absolutely recommend this place for beginners or people who want to be healthier but have no idea where to start. Everyone is supper friendly and supportive. And I feel like I have a better grasp on... how to take care of myself after being there. Thank PTK!read more

To receive a refund, you must complete your 3-Month or 6-Month Package with the following conditions met:

  • Show up for at least 90% of the scheduled workouts with your trainer 
  • Accurately hit your assigned calorie and protein goals at least 80% of the time
  • Hit your weekly steps and cardio targets outlined from your trainer at least 80% of the time
  • Report any concerns with the program and/or your progress to our Customer Experience Manager by week 8