We believe in the “less is more” philosophy. Not everyone has the time to spend countless hours in the gym and kitchen. We believe that with efficient 30-minute workouts and consistency, you will be able to achieve long lasting results for your health.  

The programming and additional resources are done for you. We will provide the accountability and work with you so that all you have to do is execute the plan, leaving you more time for the important things in your life.  


Sarak Kiers headshot


Personal Trainer | Precision Nutrition Certified | Prenantal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Sarah loves relaxing in a bath with a wine glass in hand, but you’ll also find her doing crazy stunts everywhere only after face planting a couple times first. She’s always dancing, laughing and dreaming about living somewhere warm year round. 

Her journey in fitness and health started from a young age through competitive dance. She went on to complete a Diploma in Commercial Dance and danced professionally in Toronto. More recently, Sarah has competed in Women’s Physique competitions, taking her mental toughness to the next level.

Due to her diversity in training, Sarah works with a wide range of clients. Her specializations range from physique and strength training to flexibility, core conditioning, and prenatal/postnatal fitness.

Commercial Dance Studies, George Brown College (2015-16)

• Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Can-Fit-Pro
• Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
• Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Moms Into Fitness
• Pregnancy Fitness, Human Kinetics
• Sports Massage for Injury Care, Human Kinetics
• Bodybuilding, Human Kinetics
• CPR, AED & First Aid

PTK Personal Trainer Kyle Leader


Personal Trainer | Precision Nutrition Certified | Senior Fitness Specialist

Kyle's high energy and enthusiasm radiates and sparks motivation in those around him. He has a passion for drama and entertainment so it’s of no surprise that he is a personal trainer by day and professional wrestling entertainer by night. He likes dinosaurs and is obsessed with anything Jurassic Park, plays video games, and has been told that he looks great in spandex.

Kyle completed a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and holds over 8 years of training experience in the industry. He has a lifelong background in athletics, passion for fixing pain and helping others reach their maximum potential. His area of expertise includes functional fitness, strength training, Senior’s fitness, and athletic conditioning.

Health & Fitness Diploma - ICS Canada (2013)

• Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Can-Fit-Pro
• Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), National Council on Strength & Fitness
• DTS Level 1 Certified, Darby Training Systems
• Lean Body Coach, Darby Training Systems
• Hypertrophy Fundamentals, Darby Training Systems
• TRX-STC Certified, TRX Suspension Training
• Seniors Fitness Instruction, Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging via University of Western Ontario
• Team Training Certified - Goodlife Fitness
• Precision Nutrition Level 1, Precision Nutrition
• Lower Back Specialist, Darby Training Systems (current)

Trevor Degen 2020 headshot


Personal Trainer | Transformation Specialist | Nutrition Coach

Trevor’s favourite indulgence is making homemade pizza and watching Netflix on a Friday night. He has a passion for motorcycles, metal music and loves head booping kittens.

Trevor is also a highly credentialed sports nutritionist and personal trainer with over 11 years experience coaching hundreds of clients both in-person and online.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Nutrition and Food and is a Certified Fitness Trainer. He has a keen interest in science based nutrition and exercise, despises fad diets and can help you to change the relationship you have with food.

Digital Media Arts, Seneca College (2013-2015)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food, Ryerson University (2016-2010)

• Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) (2019)
• Corrective Exercise Specialist, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) (2019)
• Certified Sports Nutritionist, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) (2020)
• Transformation Specialist, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) (current)
• Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), International Society of Sports Nutrition (2014-2019)
• Advanced Exercise Nutrition, Human Kinetics
• Core Assessment & Training, Human Kinetics
• Exercise and Pregnancy, Human Kinetics
• Personal Training Specialist (PTS), Can-Fit-Pro (2010-2018)
• CPR, AED & First Aid

Terra Marie headshot


Manager | Client Care Specialist | Movement Specialist | Precision Nutrition Certified

Terra loves Reggaeton music, shopping for the latest fashion trends online, and has a shoe addiction. You will most often find her strength training in the gym, on the salsa dance floor or travelling to unique foreign destinations.

She is a highly accomplished movement specialist with 18 years of experience working in the industry and has a background in military fitness. 

Terra is a master trainer and manager of Personal Training Kingston and will be the one taking you through the customer experience before you are paired with a trainer that suits you best.

Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma, St. Lawrence College, Kingston, ON (2005)

• 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Shri Kali Ashram in India
• Traditional Hatha Yoga, Rishikesh Yog Peeth in India
• Strength and Conditioning Coach
• Certified Personal Trainer with CSEP
• Standard CPR and First Aid level C
• Joint Mobility and Movement Training
• Advanced Stability and Core Training
• Certified ZUMBA Level 2 Instructor
• Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
• Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification
• Functional Muscular Testing and Graduated Exercises Certification
• Olympic Weightlifting Certification
• KettleBell Training Certification
• Emergency First Responder for Sport
• Sport Taping Level 1
• Pilates Level 1 Certification
• Advanced Muscle Hypertrophy Training
• Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition